Dead Nation PS Vita Out This Week, Includes Cross Buy with the PS3 Version

April 14, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Talk about a last-minute announcement!

After it appeared as though this week’s new releases were all set, it’s been confirmed that Dead Nation for the PlayStation Vita will launch on April 15th in North America and April 16th in Europe. The game itself will cost $7.99/€7.99 and the Road to Devastation DLC will cost $3.99/€3.99 (Europe will get a bundle of the two for €9.99). If you happen to own Dead Nation or Road to Devastation on PS3 (but not PS4), you’ll get the PS Vita versions for free through Cross Buy.

Just like with Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition on PS4, the PS Vita version of Dead Nation was developed by Climax Studios. Fps or resolution wasn’t detailed for Dead Nation on PS Vita, but the developers have “faithfully recreated the classic experience of the original PS3 game,” with online and ad-hoc co-op included, as well as the ability to upload your stats to the global standings.

To see the Trophy list for Dead Nation, follow this link.

Do you plan on buying Dead Nation this week for PS Vita? Will you be getting it for free through Cross Buy? Let us know in the comments below.

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