Evolve PAX East Preview (PS4)

Turtle Rock has quite some success with four player co-op, Evolve seems to be no different. During the hands on preview, I played as the big bad Monster. Tactics were simple, feed on smaller animals in the in the play space, level up, get stronger, kill your opponents. As the monster, you have a few different weapons in your arsenal. Rock throws, jumps, and dashing are going to be your ranged attacks, each with different qualities. Throwing rocks is going to keep you far away, jumps and dashing are going to get in the action where you can inflict damage on a massive scale.

As soon as I got in, I found myself swinging away madly and breathing fire as much as I could, trying to get the entire team down. Sadly, that didn’t work for me. The opposing team took me out.

From what I could tell while getting the pulp kicked out of me, the humans are fine tuned to almost perfection, needing every class and everyone to participate in proper teamwork. No team member could single-handedly attempt to take me out, they either had to make it a team effort or I would steamroll their forces.


On a bit of the strange side, playing as the monster, you’re absolutely massive in size. When trying to do the up close game and swing away, it looked and felt like a kid with a magnifying glass and ants. The players are so small in comparison, you’re looking at the ground the entire time, it took a bit out of the experience.

From what the developers have said, there will be different characters in each class, each with their own special abilities, as well as different monsters available to torment other players with.

The match I played was a blast, running people over had a sense of empowerment like I haven’t felt in a game yet. It feels like the team at Turtle Rock has something special, let’s hope the can keep up the momentum.