Shuhei Yoshida has been Banned from Nintendo’s Miiverse Twice

April 14, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


In a funny revelation, it turns out Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida has been banned twice from the Nintendo Wii U’s Miiverse (Shuhei owns two Wii Us – one from Japan, one from the US).

Shuhei told the story to Engadget as part of a larger interview chronicling his early life with PlayStation:

The first time was because I had my Twitter account in my profile and that’s against the rules. The second time is because I wrote, ‘I love PS.’ You’re not supposed to promote a commercial product in MiiVerse, so they correctly interpreted ‘PS’ as ‘PlayStation’ [laughs].

Over on Twitter, Shuhei added that his first ban “was right after the launch, so they might have updated the process” when it comes to linking your Twitter account. Also, he said, “I got banned twice, but unbanned shortly after both times.” So don’t worry, Shuhei’s still able to troll as much as he wants on Miiverse.