Sony Removes PS Vita Compatibility for Those Recently Added PSP & PS1 Games

Well this sucks.

After Sony made a surprising and great move of allowing many PSP and PS1 Classics to be downloaded directly onto your PlayStation Vita, they have now removed the functionality completely for those titles.

You can check out reports of this over here, or if you’d prefer, here’s a couple images of download lists showing you that the Crash (including Crash Team Racing) and Spyro PS1 games, Jeanne D’Arc, and more are no longer available to download on your PS Vita:

On the bright side though, games you’ve already downloaded onto your PlayStation Vita still work, but it remains to be seen if there will be any issues that pop up when trying to play them, seeing as how the compatibility seems to be a mistake.

Sony didn’t issue a statement earlier this week when the PSP and PS1 Classics became compatible (just Shuhei saying Spyro worked), and they’ve yet to issue a statement now that everything’s been reversed. If Sony does say anything about this, we’ll let you know.

Did you happen to download all the games you wanted in time? Let everyone know in the comments below.