Gamer Academy: Child of Light Confessions Locations Guide

May 5, 2014Written by Dan Oravasaari


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Mahthildis Forest

  • [Page #1] After completing the puzzle in the church, fly directly up and out of the opening. The page will be floating near the top.
  • [Page #5] Left of starting area, just before the Tree of Thorns. Find the ledge you cannot reach by jumping and fly directly up.
  • [Page #8] Just after exiting the Tree of Thrones you will see a spider sitting on a tree top. The page will be located on the treetop above that spider.
  • [Page #3] After jumping down the well in Capilli Village, the page will be at the top of the cave above the area where you find the crow.
  • [Page #6] In the area where you have to fight the wind to advance, find the first spot with an opening to go up and keep moving upwards. The page will be near the top of the screen.

 Plains of Rambert

  • [Page #7] Just after the area where Norah joins your party, the page will be located just under the first waterfall.
  • [Page #2] After grabbing the page above, keep heading to the bottom left, past the gauntlet and through the door located at the bottom. From here, simply go down the find the page.
  • [Page #9] In the web/lava area, the page is located directly below and to the left of Magna’s heart.

 Cliffs of Eren

  • [Page #15] Find the Golems hand and fly as far up and to the left as possible. The page will be located next to a swinging boulder, under an overhang, near the boundary of the screen.
  • [Page #10] Above the entrance of Temple of the Moon.
  • [Page #4] Behind where you met Óengus, fly up through the narrow pathway.
  • [Page #14] After doing Óengus’ quest, the page will be out in the rain floating in the sky.

 Cynbel Sea

  • [Page #11] Right of the Piscean Village, fly up from interactive object.
  • [Page #13] In The Gate of the Sun, the page will be located near the chain of waterfalls to the left.
  • [Page #16] After fighting the mini-boss, fly up.
  • [Page #12] In the Temple of the Sun where Nox flies off filling the screen with green gas, fly up and the page will be a crystal chandelier.