Sony Reverses DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition Upgrade Stance

May 9, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Earlier this week, Sony announced that you can upgrade your copy of the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition to the full version of DriveClub by paying $49.99/€49.99/£42.99. However, you would only be able to play that upgraded version of DriveClub “as long as your PlayStation Plus subscription remains active.” Obviously, this upset many people, all of whom voiced their opinion on that matter.

Well, after a couple days, Sony confirmed on the PS Blog (for both North America and Europe) that they’ve reversed the policy and you’ll be able to keep your upgraded copy of DriveClub even if you subscription runs out:

Our priority for DriveClub is to enable you to play and enjoy everything it has to offer and PlayStation recognises that the prior plan for DriveClub entitlement for the upgrade to the PS Plus edition was not appropriate. As a result, we have adjusted the PlayStation Plus terms for DriveClub.

Now, If you intend on downloading DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition, and upgrading to the full game experience, you will have access to the full game even if your PlayStation Plus subscription runs out.

Do you intend to spend the $50 on the DriveClub upgrade when the game releases this October? Let us know in the comments below.