Oops: PlayStation Middle East Promotes DriveClub With Forza 5 Image

May 19, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


In a funny mix-up over the weekend, PlayStation Middle East’s Facebook Page went to promote the latest DriveClub gameplay video, but in the process, they used a screenshot from Forza 5 to do so:


Obviously that post has been removed, with PlayStation Middle East offering up this correction notice:

Gamers & Fans, yesterday we uploaded an incorrect image on our page and for that, we apologize. We assure you that DriveClub, running at [email protected] on the PS4, is unlike anything else you have or will ever play, capturing a level of detail that’s unrivalled.

Around this time last year, Microsoft promoted Killzone: Shadow Fall as an Xbox One game in a Facebook image, so we’ll just say that this PlayStation Middle East mistake makes everything even.

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