SoulCalibur: Lost Swords’ Lack of Multiplayer is due to its “Pay-to-Win” Model

May 20, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


With all of the launch issues where the game couldn’t connect to the servers, you’d probably have thought that SoulCalibur: Lost Swords was a multiplayer game. But no, Lost Swords is a free-to-play single player-only title, and Producer Masaaki Hoshino explained to Siliconera that the lack of multiplayer is due to them adopting a “pay-to-win” model:

The reason that we went single player…well, originally, we were thinking about having a multiplayer option, but because we’re going with a pay-to-win model, we were worried that by having online multiplayer, for all the new users that would be coming in experiencing the game for the first time, they might be immediately deterred by fighting against opponents who had superior equipment and gear – and we didn’t want to have that kind of negative impact on new players.

In the single player experience, having a pay-to-win structure won’t impede the player’s experience with the game.

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