PS4, PS3, & PS Vita New Releases: May 25th – 31st, 2014 – Ubisoft Lets the Dogs Out

Another week, another North America/Europe same day release. This time around it’s Watch Dogs, the game that has set new IP pre-order records and Ubisoft believes will be “one of the best-selling titles throughout 2014.” Watch Dogs won’t be alone though, as the Sly Cooper Collection and Mind Zero come to PS Vita, The Wolf Among Us is In Sheep’s Clothing on PS3, and more launch this week.

*All games/content are releasing in North America and Europe, unless otherwise noted.

PlayStation 4 Games

  • Watch Dogs (Retail & PSN)
  • Worms Battlegrounds (Retail & PSN) – EU

PlayStation 3 Games

  • Ace Combat Infinity (PSN)
  • Raiden IV: Overkill (PSN) – EU
  • The Wolf Among Us Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing (PSN) – NA
  • Watch Dogs (Retail & PSN)

PlayStation Vita Games

  • Borderlands 2 (Retail & PSN) – EU
  • Mind Zero (Retail & PSN in NA, PSN in EU)
  • Monster Monpiece (PSN) – NA
  • Sly Cooper Collection (Retail & PSN) – NA

*Keep in mind that all release dates are subject to change, and more games/items will be added during the PlayStation Store updates in North America and Europe.

Check out our May 2014 release dates to find out what else is releasing this month, and feel free to let us know in the comments below if you’ll be picking up anything this week.