The Order: 1886 Is “Gonna Run at 30 Because 24 FPS Does Not Feel Good to Play”

May 29, 2014Written by Kayvon Ghoreshi


It seems that video games, particularly in the new generation of consoles, have an expectation of being 60 FPS and 1080p. However, that likely won’t be the case for The Order: 1886, which according to game director Dana Jan, will be remain at 30 FPS in order to attain the filmic style the studio is going for.

60 fps is really responsive and really cool. I enjoy playing games in 60 fps. But one thing that really changes is the aesthetic of the game in 60 fps. We’re going for this filmic look, so one thing that we knew immediately was films run at 24 fps. We’re gonna run at 30 because 24 fps does not feel good to play. So there’s one concession in terms of making it aesthetically pleasing, because it just has to feel good to play.

According to him, pushing the game to 60 FPS “doesn’t quite have the kind of look and texture that we want from a movie”. Jan also mentioned that the game was possibly too detailed to be able to also run at such a high framerate.

I don’t know of any other games that are gonna look like our game in real-time with no pre-rendered movies, with all the stuff that’s going on lighting-wise, and run at 60. I think that’s probably the thing that most people underestimate is [that] to make a game look like this—the way that they’re lit, the number of directional lights that we have… We don’t have a game where you’re just outside in sunlight, so there’s one light. We have candles flickering, fires, then characters have lights on them. So [to make] all those lights [work] with this fidelity means, I think, until the end of this system most people won’t have any clue how to make that run 60 and look like this.

Hopefully we’ll see more of The Order: 1886 at E3 in a couple of weeks. What are your thoughts on the importance of framerate in videogames? Does it have to be 60 FPS or does 30 suffice? Let us know in the comments.