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Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed Into 2015, Batmobile “Battle Mode” Revealed

As if The Order: 1886’s release date delay wasn’t a bummer, another high-profile game has joined the fold, as Rocksteady’s current-gen debut, Batman: Arkham Knight, has now been delayed into an unspecified date next year according to Eurogamer.

To soften the blow a little, Warner Bros. Interactive has released a new trailer today showcasing the Batmobile and how it can transition to “Battle Mode,” which is a fancier term for tank, since that’s essentially what the Batmobile turns into. Think of Arkham Knight’s version of the Batmobile as a sports car version of Christopher Nolan’s “Tumbler” in the Dark Knight film trilogy, but with way more firepower.

With Batman: Arkham Knight now set to be out for the PlayStation 4 in 2015, what game will you buy in its place instead?

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