Battlefield 4 PS3 Patch 1.11 Out Now, Includes Various Fixes

So far, the June 3rd patch for Battlefield 4 is only available on PS3, but if past updates are anything to go by, a similar PS4 patch will be released very soon to address more of the game’s issues.

For the new PS3 patch 1.11, here’s everything that DICE has fixed:

  • Improved/reduced explosion induced camera shake
  • Rental server bug fixes
  • Character collision improvements
  • Reduced object damage mismatch between client/server.
  • Fix for explosion pack not being able to be shot sometimes
  • Improvements for client side packet loss
  • Added controller option to swap functionality of the bumper and trigger buttons
  • Carrier – Invisible walls stopping bullets fix

If you happen to notice a new PS4 patch for Battlefield 4 becomes available for download, please let everyone know in the comments below.

[Via: MP1st, Source: DICE]