Sony Says The Last Guardian ‘is in Full Development in Japan’

After an eventful weekend of first thinking The Last Guardian had been cancelled, then learning that the original rumor was a fake, Geoff Keighley had a chance to talk with Shawn Layden, the new CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA).

We’ll have to wait until later today to get the full interview, but Keighley teased the fact that Layden said, “‘The Last Guardian is in full development in Japan. Unequivocally.'”

As recently as March 2014, we heard from PlayStation’s Scott Rohde that The Last Guardian is “absolutely in the mix at Worldwide Studios,” but he didn’t say anything further. Going back to August, Puppeteer and Knack were taking priority at SCE Japan Studio, while The Last Guardian was taking a bit of a backseat. With Puppeteer and Knack completed, however, Layden’s comment seems to suggest that PlayStation has allowed Japan Studio to enter into full development on The Last Guardian, which is great news!

Do you think there’s a chance we’ll see The Last Guardianbefore 2015 ends?

[Source: @geoffkeighley]