Fetch’s Neon Powers in inFamous: First Light are “Kind of Raw”

Available this August on PS4, and playable without owning inFamous: Second Son, is inFamous: First Light, which is a new piece of content that will star Second Son’s Fetch.

During the PlayStation LiveCast today, Game Director Nate Fox talked about why First Light stars Fetch:

We really liked Fetch as a character, you know, she’s really exciting and kind of engaging. By saying, ‘Hey, let’s show her origin story, let’s show that arc of how she goes from the girl next door to that murderous lady we all love from Second Son,’ it seemed like a fantastic self contained story we could tell.

Fox then talked about Fetch’s neon:

In Second Son, Delsin got the ability to drain neon and he had some neon abilities. But Fetch’s abilities, they’re kind of raw, they’re the base, the more powerful, primal form of neon. And as a result, the moves are different, the gameplay is different.

Fetch’s voice actor, Laura Bailey, added that she “moves so much faster” than Delsin, with Fox confirming a portion of the content will take place in Curdun Cay, showing us Fetch before she got to Seattle.

As well, Photo Mode will be back in First Light.

Do you like the idea of Fetch getting a starring role?