From Software on Bloodborne: “Every Fight Could be Your Last”

Following the release of its original trailer and a short gameplay trailer earlier this week, Bloodborne from FromSoftware and Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki was given some more details today on the PS Blog.

Coming to us from the same studio that created Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls 2, Miyazaki was quick to point out that Bloodborne is not a sequel to these games:

Players that have experienced the other games I have directed are going to see some familiarities, but this is not a sequel… you’re going to find something new in Bloodborne… your gameplay experience is going to be more intense… it will be heightened.

Set in the city of Yharnham during the 19th century, one of the biggest and most important aspects of Bloodborne “is the exploration of the unknown.” As you explore the unknown, you’ll be attacked constantly, with Miyazaki saying, “There are moments, like the ominous banging of these gates in the city, where we’re telling you that some huge beast if coming.”

For the enemies in Bloodborne, the city of Yharnham has been stricken by a plague, causing people to transform into “hideous beasts,” and as Miyazaki added, “The citizens around are unaware that they too are afflicted.” Battling these monsters won’t be easy though, because “you’re going to constantly feel terror because when you face each enemy, you will also face death. Every fight could be your last.”

Throughout the course of the game, your weapons will transform, and “with each transformation of your weapon comes a different play style.” Don’t expect those transformations to allow for ranged combat though, because “close range combat is going to be the focus of the game.” At the same time, Bloodborne is “going to challenge you as the environment changes and enemies move around the level in unexpected ways.”

Battling monsters won’t be the only thing you do in Bloodborne, as there will also be the ability to help other hunters you meet in Yharnham. “You have that option, if you’re compassionate… and those characters might even come back later to lend a hand and help even the odds,” Miyazaki said.

Bloodborne launches in Spring 2015 for the PlayStation 4.