Paradox: Magicka 2 is a Timed PS4 Exclusive Because Sony Offered More to Hardcore Gamers

Announced at PlayStation’s E3 2014 press conference, Magicka 2 from Paradox Interactive will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC, complete with its “iconic spellcasting system, irreverent humor, and relationship-testing friendly fire into an all-new adventure with up to 4-player co-op.” The game’s description also says, “Featuring a story-driven campaign mode, new co-op gameplay features, and plenty of surprises, Magicka 2 will have players casting and blasting together on computers and consoles alike.”

To learn the reasons behind their decision to make Magicka 2’s console debut on PS4, GameSpot spoke with Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester, who explained:

I think the fact that we had some personal connections with Sony and we also felt that their offerings toward the hardcore gamers that we were after were more solid than the ones Microsoft had. Now I think, looking back at it, it’s probably quite equal. But back then, it sounded like Sony had a more solid offering. But we hope to go to the Xbox One as well. We want to be on all platforms where are gamers are.

Since Magicka 2 is only a timed console exclusive on PS4, Wester says they’d be happy to bring the game to Xbox One “if Microsoft is still interested in working with Magicka when that time is up.”