Naughty Dog’s Corrinne Yu: We’re Working to ‘Push The Last of Us PS4 Past 60fps’

We already know The Last of Us Remastered is going to look great on PS4 at 1080p, but as Naughty Dog’s Corrinne Yu revealed on her Twitter account, they might miss their target of 60fps because they’re actively trying to go past 60fps:

We are coding hard over the weekends with our Naughty Dog graphics team to push The Last of Us past 60fps.

When someone replied by pointing out how working weekends isn’t “something to be proud of,” Yu messaged back:

To graphics code head, face, Drake’s shirt for Uncharted 4 PS4 trailer, I slept over night at ND office many times. Such is reality.

With The Last of Us Remastered scheduled to release on July 29th in North America and July 30th in Europe, we should be finding out before then whether or not they managed to push past 60fps.