Another World Invades PS4 Next Week (Update)

Update: The EU PS Blog has updated their story to reflect that Another World will also hit the PS3 and PS Vita next week.

Original Story: Released over 20 years ago, Another World is coming to the PlayStation 4 on June 24th in North America and June 25th in Europe, thanks to a team-up between video game creator Eric Chahi, developer Martial Hesse-Dréville, and The Digital Lounge.

Interviewed by the PS Blog today, Abrial Dacosta of The Digital Lounge said the goal of the project was “simply to deliver the original experience of Another World faithfully, with the benefits of today’s hardware and a high level of polish.” Elaborating on this, Martial explained the changes and additions you can expect in the game:

“Since the original version, the re-editions have introduced a number of nice additions, like 256 colors backgrounds, up to 720p resolutions, more checkpoints and remastered sound effects. This version now delivers a full HD experience. The game is rendered at a higher than displayed resolution to enable clean anti-aliased polygon edges. On PS4 that’s a whopping 2560×1600 pixels! The backgrounds have been edited by Eric to a higher resolution and are now displayed in full color. The result is a noise-free, crisper, and more vibrant environment.”

“A popular fan request was to add a music soundtrack like the original game had. The Sega-CD soundtrack was added as an option and the game can now be enjoyed with a cinematic soundtrack. Finally, we took advantage of the PlayStation ecosystem by implementing useful features: cross buy, cross platform trophies and cross save for a seamless experience.”

Chahi added, “The animations were also refined to remove the rough edges revealed by such a high resolution rendering.”

The Digital Lounge’s website also points to Another World releasing for the PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One, Wii, and 3DS, but there’s been no dates given to any of those versions as of right now.

Do you plan on buying Another World next week?