PlayStation’s Shahid Ahmad: ‘People are Buying PS Vitas to Play Indie Games’

After already hearing Shuhei Yoshida say that the PlayStation Vita was going to be getting fewer first-party games and how they are “very happy” people are using the handheld as a companion device, and Jim Ryan revealed there would be fewer big budget first-party games on Vita, it’s PlayStation Strategic Content’s Shahid Ahmad’s turn to talk about the system.

Responsible for signing PlayStation games such as No Man’s Sky, OlliOlli, Hotline Miami, and countless others, Ahmad admitted to MCV, “It’s no secret that the Vita hasn’t had quite the sales impact we would have liked.”

He continued:

That made it harder for some publishers to justify the cost of creating a AAA game for the Vita, but that’s beginning to change. The platform very quickly became the go-to place for indie games and that’s down to a number of factors.

The Strategic Content team spoke with lots of indies about bringing games to Vita, and the community was receptive.

Indie games are also where creativity is most fertile. What we have is a playground for indies, where the percentage of those developers making money on Vita is actually higher than on mobile. That’s healthy, and we are delighted for our partners when we become a platform worthy of their successes.

Ahmad then went on to talk about how people are buying Vitas to play those indie titles, mentioning how the indie revolution is moving to PS4 as well:

People buy systems to play good games. Good indie games are good games. Ergo, people are buying Vitas to play indie games.

I see evidence of this week in, week out, as more previously mainstream gamers, exposed to great indie games on the Vita, go ahead and buy one.

Many argue that a huge AAA game could sell more systems. I wouldn’t disagree with that, but gamers are informed, curious and love new experiences, and for that reason, are seeking out the best indie games. These are on PlayStation. It began with the Vita and the movement is now in full force on the PS4.

Did you buy your PlayStation Vita to play indie games?