PayDay 2 PS3 Patch 1.04 Adds DLC Support, Infamy System, More

Prepping it for the new DLC that launched this week, Overkill has announced that patch 1.04 (1.03 in Europe and for retail copies in North America) for PayDay 2 has gone live on PlayStation 3, taking up 5.3GB.

Along with support for those new pieces of DLC (Gage Pack 1 – $3.99, Gage Pack 2 – $3.99, The Armored Transport – $4.99), you can check out the full changelog over here, or read the highlights below:

Three Biggest Changes

  • The Infamous system – With the new Infamy system the player can continue to advance beyond reputation level 100. Becoming infamous will reset the player to reputation level 0 but unlocks the new Infamy tree where the player can invest Infamy points and unlock more stat bonuses as well as new content such as masks, materials and patterns.
  • The Cloaker Enemy – The return of the special law enforcer from PayDay: The Heist.
  • The selective fire mode system – All payers are now able to toggle Single- and Auto-fire with their weapons.


  • Added selective fire mode which means that players, by pressing the “Right Arrow Key” using any weapon that can fire full-auto now also can switch to semi-automatic (except the Swedish K Submachine Gun)
  • Added Rate of Fire as a new weapon stat
  • Added Total Ammo as a new weapon stat


  • Hosting Ability: Invite friends to play in the new DLC heists even if they don’t own the DLC themselves.
  • Added a feature so that assets can be bought by anyone in the loud-out menu, not just the host
  • Added a feature where system messages will explain what other players are doing in the chat (who bought the asset, who is joining the game, who left game)
  • Added a new blood effect when the player is hit by an enemy melee attack
  • Added a new hit effect when the player is hit by an enemy melee attack


  • Balanced the Sharpshooter Basic skill from 50% down to 20% for single shot, skill was incorrectly giving players 80% instead of 50% before. The reason for the skill reduction is that we introduced single shot fire which made it unbalanced with the previous settings


  • database has been added to Clicking on this icon will open up another menu where the player can choose to read about the characters. Each character has a briefing and a video
  • The load-out menu has been re-customized
  • Added the new Light Machine Gun tab in the primary weapons inventory menu
  • Added the new Melee tab in the inventory menu
  • Increased the total amount of mask and weapon slots from 18 to 72
  • Added the Contents Update page where players can view the most recent DLCs

Law Enforcers and Others

  • The Cloaker enemy was added to the game on every heist and in every difficulty except for normal
  • Law enforcers can now use melee weapons. Being hit by a law enforcer no longer makes the player crouch, instead the player’s sprint will be interrupted
  • Fixed an issue with law enforcers and other AI characters where they would run into stuff when performing the ‘starting’ animations
  • Enemies can now sprint short distances
  • If you convert a highlighted law enforcer the red outline will be replaced by the blue outline as originally intended
  • Fixed an issue where Shields would spawn in oversized groups
  • When joining a game, converted law enforcers now show their outline properly
  • Fixed an AI related issue when the player would board up windows
  • Made a fix for law enforcers and others that would sometime prematurely reset their actions and skip their animations
  • Made a fix for law enforcers and others that would turn in the wrong direction
  • When joining a game, converted law enforcers now show their outline properly


  • Made a big update to all languages

If you happened to miss the announcement, PayDay 2 will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One.

[Source: Overkill]