SOE Looking to Give PlanetSide 2 PC Players Something in Return for Trying the PS4 Version (Updated)

Update: Due to a request from a SOE representative, we have adjusted the title.

While PlanetSide 2 still doesn’t have a release date for the PlayStation 4, PC players have been able to get their mitts on the online shooter for quite some time now. Even if Sony Online Entertainment is not implementing cross-platform play, it seems they are doing something for PC players who want to migrate to the PS4 version when it’s released.

Speaking to PlayStation LifeStyle, SOE Senior Art Director Tramell Isaac revealed that the studio is ” definitely trying to make sure” that PC PlanetSide 2 players will get something in return when they migrate to the PS4 version.

You are going to have PC players playing with PC players and PS4 players playing with PS4 players. We are talking about doing some porting of the characters or something like that for the people who are already playing the game, but we don’t have any definite details on that. But, we are definitely trying to make sure the PC players who want to play on the PS4 get something in return.

While Tramell didn’t go into specifics, PC players can at least take comfort that SOE is doing something to make their transition easier and be less of a hassle.

Stay tuned later this week for the entire interview.