NBA Live 15 Visual Improvements Over NBA Live 14 Highlighted in New Video

With NBA Live 15 set to release for the PS4 and Xbox One on October 7 (the same day as NBA 2K15), EA Sports unveiled the above video, which showcases some of the promised visual improvements over NBA live 14.

EA Sports then explained what else has been improved graphically:

One thing you might have caught in the screen is that the jerseys, stanchion, and arena lighting have been touched up to more accurately reflect their real-life counterparts. We’ve scanned jerseys and other equipment the same way we scan the players so that we can accurately portray a number of fine details. We’ve looked at everything from stitching around numbers to the way the jerseys wrinkle, because we feel that these are important details that we need to get right.

While the players on the court may be the first thing you notice, there are lots of other little things that make up the atmosphere of the court and the arena. We’ve made it a point to pay attention to those little touches, and breathe more personality into the shot clock, the rim, and even the stanchion. Separately it may not seem like much; but when you see all these pieces together, it just makes the game as a whole look better.

We’ll be hearing more about NBA Live 15 in August, where the first gameplay details and a breakdown of the on-court action will be given.

[Source: EA Sports]