Report: Murdered: Soul Suspect Studio AirTight Games Closes Down (Update)


AirTight Games has confirmed through its official Twitter account that the studio has indeed closed down. In a series of Tweets, the company thanked fans and its employees for making its 10-year run possible.

Original story:

The newest addition to a lengthy list of studio closures over the past few years could be the developer behind Murdered: Soul Suspect and Dark Void. AirTight Games has reportedly closed down weeks after its latest release. The Redmond studio was in business for ten years.

What has everyone speculating is a sign that has been put up outside the AirTight office for sale of office equipment. Apparently, upon stepping inside the building, one can see empty desks, computer equipment, and even several E3 awards!

We’re treating this as a rumor because AirTight games has not made any official announcement yet. We sincerely hope that if reports of the developer going down under are true, then their employees have something lined up.

[Source: GeekWire via VG247]