There’s a Future for Darksiders, Nordic Confirms

The owner of Darksiders, Nordic Games, has confirmed that there is a future for the franchise or in other words, Darksiders 3.

Speaking to GenGAME, Product Development Director, Reinhard Pollice, revealed that the company is considering various “design directions” that the franchise may take. He said that his team is taking time to analyze what worked well in the previous titles, and develop the next game accordingly.

Darksiders I and II teased certain things and obviously we don’t want to disappoint people. So we really want to sit back a bit, take a look at what possible angles we can take for the next Darksiders game, and also work with the right people on that.

Pollice also said that the company is “talking” to staff who worked on the first two titles. We’re not sure if there will be an announcement about the next installment anytime soon.

[Source: GenGAME via Gematsu]