Sony: “Huge Proportion” of PS4 Owners Haven’t Experienced The Last of Us Yet

Back at E3, SCEA VP of Platforms Marketing John Koller mentioned that, according to a study, 31% of PlayStation 4 owners only bought either a Wii or Xbox 360 last generation, while another 17% of PS4 owners didn’t own any console last-gen. So, this means roughly half of the PS4 population never had the chance to play The Last of Us on PlayStation 3.

So, when it comes to The Last of Us Remastered on PlayStation 4, SCEE Product Manager Josh Walker told MCV that one of the reasons the game is being brought to the new console is because it wouldn’t be fair for those new fans to miss out on it:

The Last of Us is considered one of the most significant titles of the last console generation, winning countless awards. It would be almost unfair for all our new fans to never play a game like this.

We’ve looked at PSN data and can see a huge proportion of PS4 players haven’t experienced The Last of Us yet. This is quite indicative of the shift in the market and the many players who have migrated from competitive platforms that we’re glad to welcome to PlayStation.

Previously, Naughty Dog said development on The Last of Us Remastered started “pretty much” after the PS3 version came out in June 2013 (months before PS4 launch), but they only began putting more effort into it after “we saw the fans clamoring for it.”

Complete with the Left Behind DLC episode, both map packs, and the Grounded difficulty, The Last of Us Remastered will release on July 29 in North America and July 30 in Europe.

[Source: MCV via Videogamer]