Warframe Players Urging a Strike to Send Perfect World Entertainment a Signal for Buying Digital Extremes

There’s nothing worse than bad reputation in the video games industry, especially since you’re up against a vocal crowd with access to social media. Perfect World Entertainment, which is in talks to buy Digital Extremes, is being sent a signal by Warframe players in form of a “strike.”

We’re not sure if this strike will materialize or not, but it seems to be catching attention at least. Reddit user MisterDerptastic is urging players to not play the game starting today, July 6, and then make a comeback on Tuesday, July 8.

The reason behind this proposal is PWE’s paywall fetish. According to MisterDerptastic, if PWE buys DE, it can potentially ruin one of the “best” free-to-play games out there. We agree that it is a really good game.

While some users have agreed to conduct a strike, others have said that it doesn’t make a difference so they will continue to play. However, they won’t be making any purchases either.

[Source: Reddit]