Bethesda on Doom: “We Have No Free Passes”

Getting a full reveal at QuakeCon on the night of July 17 is Doom, which was given a short teaser clip last month and will have a beta on new-gen systems at some point in the future.

Interviewed by MCV recently, Bethesda VP of Marketing Pete Hines addressed the fact that it’s been so long since the last new Doom game (Doom 3 in 2004), and because of this, they don’t get a free pass:

We view that similarly to Wolfenstein, because it’s been so long since the last Doom game. We are going in as if we need to prove ourselves all over again. We have no free passes. Nobody will assume this is going to be awesome.

We are going to have to prove that this is something that’s going to be fun and different that you need to pay attention to. That has to be our default position, we can’t be: ‘It’s Doom. Of course you’re going to play it.’ But that just makes us work harder.

Speaking of Wolfenstein: The New Order, which launched to impressive sales and reviews, Hines says he’s disappointed by the number of people who are surprised by how good it is, “because I tried for a very long time to tell people that this is not just another shooter. It’s good that it was better than people expected, but I’m like, ‘I did tell you. I wasn’t bullshitting.’”

Hines added:

Let’s be honest, [Wolfenstein] was a bit of a tarnished brand. And we knew that. The last couple of games were either ‘okay’ or ‘not great’. It wasn’t a franchise where people were desperate for the next one. Wolfenstein isn’t Uncharted. We knew this would take some explaining. But developer Machine Games has now untarnished the IP.

Will you be watching the internet closely on July 17 to learn everything you can about Doom?