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BioShock PS Vita Would Have Been Like “Final Fantasy Tactics” Set in Pre-Fall Rapture

July 8, 2014Written by Alex Co

kenlevineplaystationvita Remember BioShock for the PlayStation Vita? What was once one of the most anticipated games on the handheld has now faded into obscurity, with BioShock creator Ken Levin saying he’s “trying to make a match” for the game and with Sony’s portable. Now, over on Twitter, Levine has spoken out about the ill-fated game. The good news? It sounded like what Levine had in mind was something special. The bad? It’s not going to happen anytime soon. Levine shot off a bunch of tweets that we’ve compiled for an easier read.

From Levine’s tone, it seems BioShock for the Vita might never see the light of day; unless a port was made of BioShock Infinite for the PS4, which can then be played on the Vita via Remote Play. Levine is “hoping” for that but admits it’s not his decision to make. What do you think of Levine’s planned BioShock Vita game? Would you have played it or would you rather have a standard first-person BioShock game on the handheld?

[Source: Twitter via Gematsu]