Develop Awards 2014 Winners Include Mark Cerny, Tearaway

The 2014 Develop Industry Excellence Awards were held last night in Brighton, with more than 175 companies in attendance – the biggest ever for the awards.

You can check out the full list of winners below, which includes Tearaway as best new IP and Mark Cerny as Development Legend:

  • New Games IP – Tearaway (Media Molecule)
  • Use of a License of IP – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (TT Games)
  • Visual Arts – Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar North)
  • Audio Accomplishment – Battlefield 4 (EA DICE)
  • Musical Composition – ‘Noise Pulse’ from TxK (Jamie Hamshere)
  • Use of Narrative – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Starbreeze Studios)
  • Publishing Hero – SCE Strategic Content
  • Technical Innovation – Oculus Rift DK2 (Oculus VR)
  • Tools (Design & Creativity) – Maya LT (Autodesk)
  • Tools (Production) – Perforce (Perforce Software)
  • Engine – Unity Engine (Unity Technologies)
  • Service – Player Research
  • QA & Localization – Testology
  • Creative Contribution (Audio) – Stafford Bawler (Monument Valley)
  • Creative Contribution (Visuals) – Faceware Technologies (Grand Theft Auto V)
  • Recruiter – OPM Response
  • Talent Investment – Dare To Be Digital (Abertay University)
  • Business Development – Team17
  • Micro Studio – Vlambeer
  • Independent Studio – Bohemia Interactive
  • In-House Studio – Rockstar North
  • New Studio – Space Ape Games

Special Awards

  • Studio of the Year – Rockstar North
  • Development Legend – Mark Cerny
  • Services to Video Games – Lynne Kilpatrick

Shahid Ahmad then posted his acceptance speech on Facebook:

So this is nice…

Lorenzo, Spencer, Ben and I won the Publishing Hero award for Strategic Content on behalf of PlayStation and our developer partners. Thanks to everyone, especially Tony , Setsuo, Murray, Nainan and Jim, who had the courage and guts to buy into this crazy idea back in 2011 and help me shape it.

Thanks to Michael Denny, John Rostron, Pete Smith, James Hawkins, Ian Pickles, Dan Bardino and the rest of the WWS team who kindly invited me to their table and well done to them and Media Molecule for their successful evening.

Thanks to Lee for being the first to text me a congratulations message on the evening. Thanks to my family for letting me put everything into my mission. Thanks to Mark Cerny, legend and Shuhei, legend, for congratulating me so warmly.

Thanks to Andy House for being such a vocal supporter of our work and for giving me a shout out at his keynote at Develop yesterday.

I’m really pleased for Strategic Content partners Vlambeer for winning Micro Studio award in the year of Luftrausers and Jeff Minter for getting a music award for his magnificent TxK. Also Team 17, who won an award for business development.

Thanks to everyone at PlayStation without whom our tiny team couldn’t have pulled off what we have.

Huge thanks to all the devs we’ve worked with for making PlayStation such a great platform.

We did it Lorenzo! Let’s take it to the next level for PlayStation and our partners, yeah?

This is just the beginning.

[Source: Develop, Image]