Roundabout PS4 & Xbox One Release Coming in Early 2015

Roundabout, an open-world puzzle game set in 1977 where you play as a constantly revolving limousine (watch the video above), has been given a release date of early 2015 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As the developers said in their announcement post for the game, “A PS4 version has been our most requested thing to do, so we’re pretty psyched that we’ll be bringing Roundabout to it.”

If for some reason you aren’t already planning on buying Roundabout, here’s a list of features:

  • Open world puzzle game where you play as a constantly revolving limousine.
  • Cutting edge “Full Motion Video” tells the rise to fame story of Georgio Manos, the world’s first revolving chauffeur.
  • Explore the world! Pick up passengers, find secret collectables, purchase properties, compete in side challenges, and more.
  • Earn money through passengers and real estate, then spend it all on new upgrades, paint jobs, horns and hats.
  • Dedicated eSports speedrun mode, achievements, emoticons, trading cards and more.

[Source: Roundabout Game via Gematsu]