Sony Responds to June 2014 NPD Results: PS4 #1 in Next-Gen Hardware & Software Sales

Instead of Sony Computer Entertainment America SVP of Brand Marketing Guy Longworth giving his usual statement about Sony’s response to the monthly NPD results, he simply said on Twitter, “Just trying to bring best games to our fans,” after it was highlighted that the PS4 won the next-gen console race once again.

Then, Longworth revealed a few more details about the June 2014 NPD results:

  • PlayStation 4 was #1 in sales for the sixth consecutive month and remains the cumulative leader for next generation game consoles.
  • PlayStation 4 was #1 for next generation software sales, with PS4 leading two of the top three titles.
  • PlayStation was #1 in combined home console hardware sales (PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3) for the month.
  • The biggest next generation software titles, including Watch Dogs, UFC, and FIFA 14, were #1 on PlayStation 4, further demonstrating that PS4 is the platform of choice for blockbuster games.

According to CNET’s Ian Sherr, Microsoft did say that the Xbox One and Xbox 360 “combined sold the most games across all console platforms.”