Watch Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson Talk The Last of Us

Sitting down for a brief conversation about The Last of Us ahead of The Last of Us Remastered’s PlayStation 4 launch this week are Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, who play Joel and Ellie in the game.

Containing massive spoilers for The Last of Us, the above video features Baker and Johnson reminiscing about the early days of production, how Ashley Johnson pushed one of the actors who auditioned to play Joel, how Troy didn’t think he’d be chosen for the role at first, the instant connection between Troy and Ashley, how Ashley’s played through The Last of Us twice before, and much more.

If you want to see more Baker and Johnson, don’t forget that The Last of Us: One Night Live is happening tonight at 7PM PT/10PM ET and you can watch it through Twitch, YouTube, and the PlayStation Network’s Live Event Viewer.