No Man’s Sky Developer Explains Decision to Go With PS4 Release First, Offers “Solid Framerate”

Hello Games previously mentioned that although No Man’s Sky will be making a console debut on the PlayStation 4, the developers wanted a PC release as well. However, with a team of ten employees and an office flooded on Christmas eve, it seemed unlikely. That has now changed according to the September issue of EDGE magazine in which the developer has confirmed that No Man’s Sky will be a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive. 

Explaining its decision to go with a PlayStation 4 release first, Hello Games’ Sean Murray said that the console helped to shape the team’s approach towards design, control, and performance.

I actually got in a bit of trouble for saying that we wanted the game to feel really ‘console-y.’ We’ve always had PC in mind but in my head [console-y] means solid framerate and immediate controls. I think a PC game can be ‘console-y’ and it’s intended as a compliment, but I get in trouble for saying it.

He also said that the PlayStation 4 hardware helped to create vivid environments and enrich the game’s world. 

Unlike most games, the actual hardware really affects what we can do in terms of the richness of the worlds and things like that. It isn’t just adding a veneer of resolution, or extra antialiasing options. It has a real effect on what we can actually do in the universe.

No Man’s Sky is scheduled for release in 2015.

[Source: EDGE via GameSpot]