Epic Games Opens UK Studio, Expanding Workforce

Epic Games has opened a new studio called Epic Games UK in Guildford, according to an official statement by the company. Long-term collaborator and partner, Robert Troughton’s Pitbull Studios, will form the core team. Speaking to Develop, founder Tim Sweeney said:

The UK has a rich history of games development, as well as a wide range of experienced developers. We’re also attracted to the expertise in key areas like physics and lighting emanating from British universities such as Cambridge and Oxford. Right now, we’re building a world-class talent pool in the UK to contribute to all aspects of Unreal Engine 4. Our aim at Epic is to provide the world’s best and most versatile engine, scaling from indie mobile development to high-budget triple-A games.

Recruitment is already underway on the company’s website

Anyone applying?

[Source: Develop]