Open-World Winter Sports Game Snow is a Console Exclusive on PS4

Released to Steam Early Access back in October 2013, Poppermost Productions has announced that they’ll be bringing their open-world winter sports game Snow to the PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive. No date was revealed, though the above video does say it’s “coming soon.”

With the goal of building “the world’s first free-to-play, open world, winter sports experience — a game that never restricts the player, but instead empowers them to play however they want,” Snow allows you to roam the mountain freely, or compete in events, flaunt your skills, and challenge friends through online matchmaking or global leaderboards.

Poppermost Productions CEO Alexander Bergendahl talked about Snow:

Our first open-world mountain, Sialia, is tremendous — it’s 8 square kilometers and contains over 20 unique areas that have been carefully handcrafted for gameplay. Players can spend countless hours exploring steep cliffs, dense forests and many man-made areas like villages, a quarry and a hydroelectric dam. Regardless of what players choose to do in-game, they are constantly rewarded with XP and continually progress through the ranks towards unlocking more content, keeping gameplay fresh and exciting.

The game is fully physicalized, meaning that everything is as dynamic as possible, allowing players to really interact with the environment we’ve built. While exploring, players can mold their world by adding jumps, rails and other features, completely changing the feel of the mountain to reflect their unique style.

Inspired by the incredible video content that today’s best athletes create, we have developed an in-game replay and photo-mode system that players can use to create personalized videos and shots of their best runs and biggest airs. We look forward to combining these features with the PS4’s sharing capabilities to see what amazing content our Snow community comes up with.

The player’s custom experience truly extends into all areas of Snow. Before a player even gets to the mountain, they can customize their character from head to toe, choosing from a catalog of hundreds of real world items in our store – helmets, goggles, gloves, skis, boots, the works. We have partnered with over a dozen of the sport’s biggest brands and trendsetters to bring authentic clothing, equipment and events into the game, giving players ultimate style and individuality.

Although skiing was only shown off today, snowboarding and “other winter action sports” will be featured at a later date.

[Source: PS Blog]