Recap Video Catches You up on Tales of Xillia, Hideo Baba Talks the Series’ Future

With Tales of Xillia 2 coming to the PlayStation 3 next week in North America and Europe, Bandai Namco released the above video, which helps you get caught up on everything that happened in the first Tales of Xillia.

Elsewhere, Tales of Series Producer Hideo Baba was asked questions raised by the PlayStation community, giving his answer on where he sees the series going from here:

This is an interesting question. I believe a story can be any storyline and can be described in any ways, but Tales of series has been described in the adventure of sword and magic with the theme of storyline and its message, so if I have an opportunity to develop a sci-fi game, I would like to make it in the other new series.

He then talked about the chances of having Japanese audio included in future Tales Of games:

I know that lots of users who support Tales of series in North America, Europe and Asia would like to have original Japanese voice-overs. We want to try to solve various problems to make it happen.

Baba also addressed the amount of people who campaigned for dual audio options:

Honestly speaking, I feel this is natural. When watching dramas or movies, I myself enjoy them more as perfect video pictures with original voice-overs and Japanese subtitles. Thus, even if players cannot understand Japanese, no wonder they want to feel the original performances and their original expressions in the original language.

I cannot make a promise, but I would like to challenge to bring the original Japanese voice-overs to everyone.

Bandai Namco teased that more information about Tales of Zestiria for PS3 will arrive by the end of 2014. If you want Tales of on PlayStation Vita though, don’t forget that Tales of Hearts R is out this November.

Are you picking up Tales of Xillia 2 next week?

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