Freedom Wars DLC Comes to Soul Sacrifice Delta This Week

PlayStation has announced that the Freedom Wars DLC for Soul Sacrifice Delta will arrive this week in North America and Europe on PlayStation Vita. To see the Sinner’s Thorn move, Dionaea, and more, check out the above video.


SCEA Producer Kumi Yuasa also revealed that you’ll be able to get the above outfits “if you defeat the Dionaea 3 times.” Yuasa added:

As if this wasn’t enough motivation, there’s also a couple of really nice offerings for you in (the unlikely) case you do not die a horrible death, destroy the Dionaea’s cursed parts, and defeat the beast. Piece of cake!

Just hit the “Download” button on the title screen, then head over to the “Otherworld Pacts” in the “Additional Pacts” section and claim your gifts.

If you want to play Freedom Wars itself, the PlayStation Vita game will be available in North America on October 28 and in Europe on October 29.

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