PSN Attackers Issue Bomb Threat to Plane Carrying Sony Online Entertainment President, Flight Diverted (Update)


Sony has confirmed to Game Informer that FBI is now handling the situation. The investigation authority has issued an official statement saying:

Today AA Flight 362 traveling from Dallas to San Diego was diverted to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. The flight landed without incident. Passengers were safely removed from the plane.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Original story:

The group called LizardSquad which is behind the latest string of attacks on PSN, and briefly Xbox Live, among other video game services also issued a bomb threat to American Airlines flight carrying Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley. As a result the flight was diverted and FBI is reportedly on the case. 

Smedley confirmed through Twitter that he was on the flight and that it was diverted to Phoenix for security reasons. Understandably, he’s unhappy about this and is hoping for justice. In a series of tweets, he said:

Awesome. Flight diverted to Phoenix for security reasons.

Something about security and our cargo. Sitting on Tarmac.

All is well.

Yes. My plane was diverted. Not going to discuss more than that. Justice will find these guys.

LizardSquad issued a threat to American Airlines with a copy of an e-ticket for the same flight that Smedley was on. 

@AmericanAir We have been receiving reports that @j_smedley’s plane #362 from DFW to SAN has explosives on-board, please look into this.

The tweet with a link to an image showing the e-ticket was later taken down.

Absolutely ridiculous. 

[Source: Twitter (John Smedley), (LizardSquad)]