Ninja Theory Working on Disney Infinity 2.0


Disney Infinity 2.0 executive produce John Vignocchi recently announced at PAX 2014 that Ninja Theory, the makers of Heavenly Sword, have joined the Disney Infinity 2.0 team. 

Vignocchi mentioned that the developers were brought in due to their experience with combat systems, and they have been working on a number of villains in the game, including Loki and the Green Goblin. 

The Disney Infinity 2.0 producer also mentioned Ninja Theory in several posts on Twitter, and it appears that Disney and Ninja Theory are working very well together in an effort to make the upcoming Disney Infinity title something special.

On top of working on the Disney game, Ninja Theory has also been hard at work creating Hellblade, an action game that was recently announced at gamescom 2014.

Do you think the addition of Ninja Theory will make combat in Disney Infinity 2.0 better than combat in the original game? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: GameInformer, John Vignocchi (Twitter)]