The Elder Scrolls Online Developer Suffers Layoffs, Bethesda Continues to “Invest Heavily” in Preparing Console Launch

September 3, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


We haven’t heard much about The Elder Scrolls Online on consoles since Bethesda delayed it until late 2014/early 2015, and unfortunately, the news today isn’t good.

Bethesda confirmed to Game Informer that Zenimax Online Studios have been hit by layoffs, with members of The Elder Scrolls Online development team and customer support affected.

A rep explained that, as is the norm for games like TESO, they ramped up the workforce to deal with the PC launch:

Now that we are nearly six months post launch, we have a thriving online community in a game that runs smoothly. We have adjusted staffing to meet the ongoing needs of the studio, which continues to operate with a large work force.

With the layoffs, Bethesda revealed they are continuing to “invest heavily” in preparing the game for launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

We remain strongly committed to The Elder Scrolls Online, and continue to invest heavily to develop new content for PC players, prepare the game for its console launch, and handle our planned expansion into important international territories.

When Bethesda gives an update on the console versions of The Elder Scrolls Online, we’ll let you know.

[Source: Game Informer]