Alien: Isolation Trailer Series Begins With “No Escape,” Goes Gold

September 9, 2014Written by Alex Co

In a press release, SEGA has announced that Alien: Isolation has finally gone gold and is now ready to be manufactured to meet its scheduled October 7 release date.

Now that the game is just a month away from hitting stores, developer Creative Assembly is now rolling out a series of trailers, with the first one embedded above. Called “#HOWWILLYOUSURVIVE?,” the short trailers will have a new entry until we reach October 7, and shows the different variations players need to do in order to survive, as well as the world of Sevastopol.

Make sure you check out our hands-on preview of Alien: Isolation; or if you’re already getting it, you can also see what bonuses you’ll receive for pre-ordering the game.

Are you picking Alien:Isolation up come October?