APB Reloaded Getting a PS4 and Xbox One Port Sometime Next Year, Will Be Free-To-Play

apb reloaded ps4

The free-to-play PC game APB Reloaded is getting ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, announced Bjorn Book-Larsson of Reloaded Productions at the Digital Wire Event in NYC.

Expected to hit consoles mid-2015, APB Reloaded is just one of the many free-to-play titles on the PS4, with Warframe and Blacklight: Retribution being some of the other ones.

However, it looks as if Reloaded Productions and both Sony and Microsoft have hit a disagreement. Reloaded wants to allow players to transfer their items and purchased content from the PC onto the consoles, while Sony and Microsoft are not to keen on the idea, as it would take away from their potential earnings.

Whether or not this will cause issues with the game in the future remains to be seen, but hopefully the companies can get it all sorted out soon.

Do you play APB Reloaded on the PC? Would you play it when it comes to the PS4?

[Source: Game N Guide]