Rhythm Action Game Jungle Rumble Coming Soon to PS Vita

Developer Disco Pixel has announced that its rhythm action game Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness and Bananas is coming soon to the PlayStation Vita. Announcing the news on PlayStation blog, Trevor Stricker said:

The player drums to control a tribe of monkeys. A rival tribe invades to steal bananas. The player sends monkey minions into the fray by drumming on the screen. It’s the world’s craziest rhythm game. Using the PS Vita’s touch screen to tap along to the beat of the jungle, players drum on monkeys and then drum on trees to have their simian soldiers swing through the trees. Drum on coconuts and then drum on enemies to throw those coconuts with rhythmic flair. The player jaunts through the jungle with a rhythmic grammar. Unlike a traditional rhythm game there is no script to follow—in Jungle Rumble drumming controls the game.

We’re also told that the PS Vita version of the game will include a new tutorial, more levels, and “badder beats.” 

Anyone interested in picking this one up?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]