Shadow Warriors PS4 Trailer Features a Big, Bloody Mess

September 16, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

If you have a hard time stomaching copious amounts of blood, gore, and decapitations, then you probably shouldn’t watch the new Shadow Warrior trailer.

The gameplay trailer features enemies being sliced into little bits with a sword, and other enemies simply exploding into a shower of blood and gore after being brutally shot with a gun as Lo Wang takes on hordes of bad guys.

Numerous weapons, such as a katana, a Gatling gun, a crossbow, and a high-tech shotgun will be available to use in Shadow Warrior, meaning you can be creative in the ways take out the game’s bad guys.

The FPS bloodfest will be coming on October 21 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Will you being ready to slice and dice your enemies?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]