The Crew Trailer is on the Road, and Drives Social Importance

September 17, 2014Written by Alex Co

In the second part of Ubisoft’s “On the Road” video series for The Crew, it showcases how the racer takes advantage of being connected online and its push for social features so you never have to drive alone.

In all its majesty of a massive US map and its action-driving splendor, The Crew comes down to one simple creed: NEVER DRIVE ALONE. The world of The Crew is simply too massive, too loaded with activities for it to be experienced alone. Take an in-depth look into what a day in the life of a player can look like when he or she spends their time exploring, collaborating, competing with thousands of other drivers in The Crew. Welcome to a world where everyone is a connected driver, and NEVER DRIVE ALONE.

Set for release in November 11 for the PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4, The Crew will have a beta test before release for selected participants.

Are you liking what you’ve seen of The Crew so far? What do you make of its push for social connectivity?