Darksiders 2 Reportedly Cost THQ $50 Million to Create

September 19, 2014Written by Mark Labbe


The action RPG Darksiders 2 apparently cost THQ some $50 million to create, revealed Lars Wingefors of Nordic Games, which bought the game’s IP after THQ declared bankruptcy in 2012.

Wingefors, who is the owner of Nordic, said that the $50 million budget is simply “ridiculous.”

THQ spent $50m making Darksiders 2. We can produce a product of the same quality but for a lower cost. $50m is ridiculous, I can’t afford that.

In addition to buying the Darksiders 2 IP, Nordic also purchased numerous other THQ IPs in 2013, including Red Faction and Destroy All Humans. Nordic also purchased the THQ brand this year, which Wingesfor has said “was the best I ever made.”

What do you think about the $50 million budget? Was that a bit much for a game like Darksiders 2?

[Source: MCV via Video Gamer]