Dark Souls Developer From Software Wants to Continue Making Difficult Games

Bloodborne and Souls series creator From Software has said that it wants to continue making games with a high degree of difficulty because it gives players a “sense of accomplishment.” Dark Souls II director Yui Tanimura said at the Tokyo Game Show 2014 that difficult games are now a “minority” in the video games industry. 

Other than focusing on a dark fantasy world, we’re focusing more on making players experience the sense of accomplishment. That’s what we have been always pursuing for all games that From Software has created. We are aware that creating [games] featuring higher difficulty is becoming a minority in this industry. But that’s what From Software has been working on. In order to bring a sense of accomplishment to the players, that’s something we have to keep, stick with it, and keep remaining to do for all the upcoming titles that we will be creating.

These comments are interesting to note since From Software said during gamescom 2014 in August that its upcoming title Bloodborne will be less punishing to accommodate more players. However, it’s quite possible that the game will have some kind of a hardcore difficulty setting for fans who enjoy a challenge.

[Source: GameSpot]