Local Co-Op Platformer Chariot Gets a PS4 Release Date

September 23, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

A co-op title featuring “platforming and spelunking goodness,” Frima Studios’ Chariot has been announced for PlayStation 4 release on September 30 in North America and October 22 in Europe, priced at $14.99.

To learn more about exactly what Chariot is, you can check out the launch trailer above, or view the summary below:

Chariot is a co-op platformer game where two players have to work together using physics-based mechanics, like pushing and pulling, to bring His Majesty’s royal coffin to his final resting place. Since the king’s ghost is picky (to say the least) regarding where and how he expects to be buried, this won’t be an easy task. Along the way, the Princess and her Fiancé will have to gather gold and precious gems to decorate the sepulcher.

Frima then confirmed that it’s local co-op you’ll find in Chariot:

We decided to go with local multiplayer only for a couple of reasons. The direct communication is very important in the game as you will need to strategize and point at the screen a lot while playing co-op. Also, the tricks you’ll need to do with the Chariot requires a lot of precision and we felt that precision might be lost because of the latency online.

Although Chariot is designed to be played in co-op, you will be able to finish it solo, but “some of the challenges will require an enormous amount of creativity on your part if you decide to go it alone.”

Chariot is also coming to the Xbox One, Wii U, and PC.

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