Rise of the Incarnates Might Fight Its Way Onto the PS4, Depending on Steam Sales

September 24, 2014Written by Mark Labbe

Rise of the Incarnates

During a recent roundable interview at Tokyo Game Show, Bandai Namco game designer Michael Murray discussed the future of the upcoming PC fighting game Rise of the Incarnates, and mentioned the possibility of bringing the title to the PlayStation 4.

Murray said that currently Namco is focusing all their efforts on the PC release. However, if it does well, they would definitely consider bringing the free-to-play game to the PS4.

We’re focused on Steam. So if the game, when it gets popular and has a large user base, then we hope to shift our efforts to PS4 at that time.

Rise of the Incarnates is a multiplayer fighting game that offers 2-vs-2 battles, and is being created by the makers of other fighting titles, such as Tekken and SoulCalibur. It is currently in beta, but is expected to get a full release sometime this year.

What do you think of Rise of the Incarnates possibly coming to the PS4? Is it a title you would pick up?

[Source: GameSpot]