GfK Report: Netflix Usage on Game Consoles Declining in the US

Research firm GfK has released a report which indicates that Netflix usage on video game consoles is declining in the US. Although consoles are still the most popular choice of hardware for using Netflix, they are not being used as much as they were three years ago. 

Titled Over-the-Top TV 2014, the report declares that an increasing number of US households are opting for dedicated set-top/plug-in devices to watch Netflix on television screens. About 28% of those who stream Netflix on a TV used a digital media player such as Roku, Apple TV, or Chromecast. In 2013, 15% of those surveyed used digital media players. Only 43% of users stream Netflix on consoles now, which is a decline of 5% from last year, and an overall decline of 20% since 2011. 

David Tice, Senior Vice President of GfK, said:

The wide variations in devices used – and in preferred device by age – speak to a need for Netflix and other SVOD providers to optimize the user experience for each situation. Not only do the device interface and remote control need to be user-friendly, but things like on-screen font size and menus need to be age-appropriate. With a quarter of Netflix users also being Amazon Prime or Hulu viewers, there is a potential battle in user experience as well as in variety and exclusivity of content.

What do our readers make of this? Are digital media players a better choice to stream Netflix than consoles?

[Source: GamePolitics]